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Information on how to care for Tandanus Catfish


This site is dedicated to information and care of our beautiful Australian Native catfish the "Tandanus Tandanus".


I have owned a Tandanus Catfish for about two years and in that time have found little or no information about them, so I decided to create this website and the "Australian Tandanus Catfish Forum" where other Tandanus catfish owners could get together and help each other out.

I have meet some really nice and helpful people through the process and thought I would create a website where I could gather all the information I have learned from the forum's members and put it in a format that would be easy to reference.

I welcome any feedback, both positive and negative, as well as any informational contributions.

If you find any information on the site inaccurate, please let me know

 This site is an ongoing project and will be updated when I can. 


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The Australian Tandanus Catfish Forum

I had to make a hard decision on creating a new forum with another forum hosting company.

Due to my dissatisfaction with my current forum host, I no longer want to deal with them. The lack of support and forum features/security Ranting has made me decide to set up a message board elsewhere.

I will recreate and post topics that have been posted on the old forum, but unfortunately I can not transfer the data from the old forum to the new forum, so users will have to sign up again on the new forum.

I know this is such a pain in the back side, but I am hoping you guys will take the time to join the new message board : http://tandanuscatfish.freeforums.org/

I will pm existing members soon to advise of new message board.

Thanks for the support - 13/01/08


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 TC General Information
10/01/08 Info edited
 Tandanus Food17/01/08 Food Information
 TC Tank Set Up05/01/08
 Diagram + Info
 My Tandanus Catfish
19/02/08 Tank set up info


I would like to thank a couple of members of the Forum, for supporting the forum and helping me out with valuable information.

Andy aka Danus & Alex aka Griller

Thanks for replying to my emails and sharing your experience and knowledge with myself and other forum members.





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